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Pryde's EasiFeed
The GCA is proud to have Pryde’s Easifeed as an official sponsor. Supporting our sponsors is as “easi” as walking into your feed store and asking whether they stock Pryde’s products!
Fine Arc Engineering
The GCA is proud to have Fine Arc Engineering as an official sponsor. Specialising in Custom made Truck & Tray bodies, Small goosenecks to Semi-trailers with full fit outs. Also fitting fold down gooseneck hitches. Chat to Zac today.

Our TOP 5 Open riders & Champion Lady Rider headed to Warwick to represent the GCA on October 23rd this year.

They all competed in the Pryde’s Easifeed NCCA Champion Rider.

 Ken Boulton, Peter Boulton, Darren Towns, Mat Holz, Vicki Hiscock & Lauren Ryder all did our small association very proud. 

Before the Warwick event, A Introductory Video was made for each rider, giving everyone a small insight into each of our competitors.


All of our 2017 Competitor Profile Videos for NCCA Champion Rider Title can be viewed on youtube.

Click to access all video's.

2017 Pryde’s EasiFeed NCCA National Champion Rider results.
Round 1
1st ACA Jess Hoffmann
2nd GCA Ken Boulton
3rd ACA Ben Hall
=4th GCA Lauren Ryder, ABCRA Troy Palmer, ACA Steve Comiskey
Team Placings 1st ACA, 2nd ABCRA, 3rd GCA, 4th SCA
Round 2
=1st ACA Rohan Marks and Steve Comiskey
3rd ACA Pete Comiskey
4th GCA Ken Boulton
5th GCA Peter Boulton
Team Placings 1st ACA, 2nd GCA, 3rd ABCRA, 4th SCA
Round 3
1st ABCRA John Hardie
2nd ACA Rohan Marks
=3rd ACA Steve Comiskey SCA Simon Dodwell
5th SCA Bruce O’Dell
Team Placings 1st ABCRA, 2nd SCA, 3rd ACA, 4th GCA
Final Aggregates:
Highest Cut Out – Jess Hoffmann ACA
Service Fee Donated By Tom & Jane Williamson
Highest Outside Score – = Rohan Marks, Steve Comiskey
Service Fee to Kneipps Conray – donated by Yarrawa Park
Team Placings 1st ACA, 2nd ABCRA, 3rd GCA, 4th SCA

1-8 Prize Money and Feed Pryde’s EasiFeed
Kay Paton Bronze 1st Place Sponsored by NabAgri Business
& Rod Kaye handcrafted bit

1st ACA Rohan Marks 267.5
2nd ACA Steve Comiskey 267
3rd GCA Ken Boulton 262.5
4th ABCRA Tony Mortimer 249
5th ACA Ben Hall 248.5
6th SCA Glen Coleman 227
7th SCA Bruce O’Dell 196
8th ABCRA John Hardie 195

Horsemanship/Sportsmanship Award – Jess Hoffmann ACA
Hand plaited whip donated by John Davison from Davo’s Whips

In addition to our NCCA Champion Rider competitors, Many other GCA members travelled to QLD to compete & to watch the action, The GCA was very well represented, there were some great runs, Well done to all.


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Memberships for the 2017/2018 Season are now due and all the new forms are available now online.

New Photography Permission Form to be filled out as well as Membership Form & Horse/Rider Registrations. Horse & Rider Registrations must be completed to collect points for end of season awards. Thank you.

The GCA is pleased to have appointed Brenda Flanagan as our New Child Safety Officer.  Brenda will work together with GCA to bring our association in line with the new Child Safety Standard Laws Introduced in Victoria in January 2017. Well Done Brenda.

The Role of a Child Safety Officer

Child Safe Officers help promote the message that keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility. Every club must work towards minimising risk to children and the Child Safe Officer helps to ensure everyone is aware of the club’s policies and procedures to support this goal.

Child Protection Online Course

The Play by the Rules – Child Protection course is a free, interactive online training course suitable for coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators. In this course you will learn:

•what child abuse is

•your rights and responsibilities under child protection laws

•how the laws apply to sporting organisations, clubs, their employees and volunteers

•when, where and how to report incidents

•how to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment at your club or organisation.

The course is short, user-friendly and features the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The course may be done in part, or all at once.

Users who successfully finish the course and the assessment quizzes can print a certificate of completion.



Welcome to Gippsland Campdrafting

The Gippsland Campdrafting Association was originally formed as the Eastern Campdrafting Association at a meeting of interested people on 3rd September 1973.  The name was changed to Gippsland Campdrafting Association in November 1974, and although some of the earlier drafts no longer exist, others have taken their place, and the GCA now incorporates drafts to the east at Salt Creek near Johnsonville through to Trafalgar in the north west and as far south as Wonthaggi and Yanakie, therefore making the GCA uniquely bounded by the mountains and the sea.

GCA membership continues to grow each year, with more and more people becoming interested in the sport of campdrafting.  This true “aussie” sport began in the cattle camps of the outback, where riders were required to select a beast out from the mob.  This took the combined skill of horse and rider working together as one, as most cattle resent being separated from the mob.  Over time, these skills were developed into the uniquely Australian sport as we see it today.

Campdrafting can involve the whole family, with events for 8 to Under 13, 13 to Under 17, Maiden, Ladies, Novice and Open drafts.  There are practice days usually held at the beginning of each season which offer new and old drafters the chance to practice on cattle prior to entering an event.

The GCA is affiliated with the nationally recognised National Campdraft Council of Australia, and adheres to its rules.  The GCA also offers Personal Rider Insurance as well as the exciting quarterly “Gippsland Campdrafting Association News” as part of its membership fee.

Just a handful of the great photos of our GCA members at this years Championships!