TOP 5 OPEN RIDERS & Champion Lady Rider Head to Warwick.

It is with great excitement that we are able to release the names of our 6 riders representing the GCA at this years NCCA National Championships held at Warwick Campdraft in October. The riders are the top 5 open riders who have scored the most points over all drafts during the previous season of Campdrafting.

Recently in 2017 the NCCA has decided to introduce the Champion Lady Rider of each Association to join the competition. Now 6 competitors from each of the four associations will compete for the National Rider Title.

The GCA wishes the best of luck to those representing us in the Championships as well as anyone else who will be heading North to fly the GCA flag!


Ken Boulton

Peter Boulton

Darren Towns

Matt Holz

Vicki Hiscock

Lauren Ryder



About Us

The Gippsland Campdrafting Association was originally formed as the Eastern Campdrafting Association at a meeting of interested people on 3rd September 1973.  At that meeting, Owen Waller was elected President, Christa Treasure was elected Secretary and Vice President was Ron Connley. The committee was elected from the areas of Orbost, Sale, Swifts Creek, Ensay, Buchan, Sarsfield, Black Mountain, Hazelwood, Tubbut and Benambra.

The name was changed to Gippsland Campdrafting Association in November 1974, and although some of the earlier drafts no longer exist, others have taken their place, and the GCA now incorporates drafts to the east at Salt Creek near Johnsonville through to Trafalgar in the north west and as far south as Wonthaggi and Yanakie, therefore making the GCA uniquely bounded by the mountains and the sea.

Due to many of these areas involving the dairying industry, quite a few GCA Committees are able to supply runs of lovely “soft” dairy heifers which many consider to be a bonus for the education of young campdraft horses.

The GCA is justifiably proud of all its members over the years, and the achievements of drafters such as Michael Hiscock (winner of Warwick Gold Cup in 2006 & again in 2013), wife Vicki Hiscock (winner of Grandmother Clock at Chinchilla & Ladies Silver Cup at Warwick in 2016), Ken Boulton (Winner of 2 Grandfather Clocks), & his son Peter Boulton (winner of 2016 Grandfather clock), Mat Holz (winner Landmark Classic 2015) as well as the legendary achievements of life members such as Ron Connley in the Man from Snowy River, and Dennis Neal at all premier Stockhorse events, and that’s just to name a few….

GCA membership continues to grow each year, with more and more people becoming interested in the sport of campdrafting.  This true “aussie” sport began in the cattle camps of the outback, where riders were required to select a beast out from the mob.  This took the combined skill of horse and rider working together as one, as most cattle resent being separated from the mob.  Over time, these skills were developed into the uniquely Australian sport as we see it today.

Campdrafting can involve the whole family, with events for 8 to Under 13, 13 to Under 17, Maiden, Ladies, Novice and Open drafts.  There are practice days usually held at the beginning of each season which offer new and old drafters the chance to practice on cattle prior to entering an event.

The GCA is affiliated with the nationally recognised National Campdraft Council of Australia, and adheres to its rules.  The GCA also offers Personal Rider Insurance as well as the exciting quarterly “Gippsland Campdrafting Association News” as part of its membership fee.


Members please note that there has been a change to the Encouragement Rider of the Year. The Encouragement Event was started in 1990 to encourage Adult Riders into Campdrafting and a Perpetual Trophy was donated by one of stalwarts of Australian Stockhorses and Campdrafting, the late Ken Howlett for this event. However, over time, there have been less and less cattle available to carry out this event, so then it was incorporated into the Novice Event.

After discussion at the AGM in July 2010, a motion was moved to discontinue the Encouragement Rider of the Year event, and rename it Maiden Rider of the Year. Therefore, any rider who has not won a campdraft event becomes eligible for this Trophy, and will accumulate all points that such rider has won in a maiden, novice and open events over that year (or season) – in essence allowing those riders who have never won a draft, more drafts in which to accumulate points instead of just the Encouragement event.

So as to not loose the tradition of the trophy, the original trophy has been kindly added to by Steve Ryder with the past Encouragement Rider’s names on it, however it will now be known as the Ken Howlett Perpetual Maiden Rider of Year Trophy.